Adventures In Podcasting, part I: Review Your Orders Carefully

I’ve decided to try my hand at putting together a podcast, and after reading a few websites and books on the subject, I put a script together, came up with a format and some co-hosts, and even recorded an initial testcast.  Feel free to check it out here.

I was feeling pretty good about this so far.  The next part was to work on recording with more than one person.

I’d also ordered some starter podcasting equipment, including a couple of cheap headset mics, a mixer, and some adapters for the mics to plug into the mixer.  When they came in today, I quickly discovered I’d made a mistake and ordered the non-USB version of the mixer I wanted.

Image from My Cat Goma.

This was kind of a problem, given that I wanted to record this podcast… you know… on my computer.

My colleagues did what they could to salvage my colossal screwup, as we wanted to try recording tomorrow–the next episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was going to be on, after all.  After discussing suggestions with them about how we might jury-rig an interface with an RCA to USB adapter and try recording that way, I decided to go ahead and just purchase another mixer, this one a USB one, and hold off on returning the current one until we actually try to record tomorrow.  If it turns out we can make it work tomorrow, then we’ll record with the current mixer the one time before I return it while we wait for the proper, USB mixer.

Moral of the story: review your orders carefully, particularly where hardware is concerned.

Sadly enough, I can recall a time when I knew that once.


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