My (Reposted) Meager Thoughts on Orlando

I know I’ve just reposted content so far, but I’ll get to something original in the near future.  Promise.

I posted this yesterday on my Facebook page.  It was the most genuine thing I could write at the time, and pretty all I want to say about the recent events in Orlando.

So, in case anyone is curious as to why I’ve been relatively silent on the Orlando shooting, here’s all I’m going to say on the matter:

*It’s horrific, despicable, homophobic, and all kinds of negative superlatives. I don’t think I have anything to say that hasn’t already been said by my many friends who’ve posted about it. I can’t summon the arrogance to pretend I have any particularly insightful perspective here.

*I’ve seen this sort of thing far too many times and seen NOTHING DONE in response. No changes in laws, or cultural attitudes, nor any indication that they will. It’s hard to comment in the face of such indifference.

*I’ve also seen a LOT of fallout from this over the last couple of days. Comments, reposts, news stories, talking head analyses from both sides, and it’s just too much. It’s depressing. In concert with the other two points, I just don’t see that I have anything helpful to say.

Except for this. To all of my friends, acquaintances, and the strangers who live in acute fear of these sorts of atrocities, simply because of who you love or how you were born, I support and stand with you. I reject any line of thinking that seeks to minimize your importance, and if I ever unknowingly espouse such thinking because of my own privilege, please let me know so I can listen and learn.

And to all of the extremist, racist, homophobic troglodytes out there who can’t accept the world as it is outsider of their narrow lived experience: get with the times. We’re approaching a paradigm shift where you simply don’t matter anymore, and acts such as these show the world that you’re scared it will happen. This world will not be hobbled by your anger and fear. Its diversity is its richness, and everyone deserves to feel safe.

I’ll let this post and the Samantha Bee repost stand as my two meager contributions to this conversation.

Now to go post about Spider-Man, video games, Spider-Man video games, comics, and other things that don’t depress the hell out of me.

I want to do more to make this world a better and safer place for all people.  Until then, I hope everyone stays safe and happy.


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