Achievement Unlocked: The Latter Half of the Web-Line

Those of you who know me are well aware of my obsession with a certain web-slinging superhero.  For the last few years, I’ve been on a quest to collect the full run of Amazing Spider-Man, and for the most part I’d say I’ve been pretty successful in making progress to that goal.  Today at Comicpalooza, I found a number of issues from the 400s (and/or that horrible volume 2 “relaunch” that I only barely acknowledge) that have unlocked what I feel is a personal achievement.

I don’t know if I’ll actually ever complete a full Picture 23run of ASM, but I can at least now claim I’ve completed the latter half of the original 700-issue run (yes, there are more issues since those, but I’ve got all of them, as I’ve been subscribing to ASM since 2012), as the acquisition of these issues–in addition to the 9/11 “black” issue earlier this week–mean that I now have every issue of Amazing Spider-Man from #300-700.  It’s taken me about four years of searching and hunting, and spending, but I now have a massively unbroken streak of these comics that more than comprises the latter half of the original run.

To be sure, I have plenty of other issues in my collection previous to #300 (though numbers 298 and 299 are literally the highest numbers of the comic that I currently do not have), and I’m gradually filling in those gaps as I’m able to.  I have already gotten my hands on every one of the anniversary issues (#100, 200, 300, and so on), and even got #100 signed by Stan Lee a couple years ago–at Comicpalooza, of course (more about that at another time). Now my main focus is probably going to be to work my way backwards, as the key issues get more expensive, and the older issues get rarer and harder to find.

Since I’ve gone ahead and given my achievement a name, I figure I’ll create one and add some text to it:

  • The Latter Half of the Web-Line: Collect an unbroken run of Amazing Spider-Man from #351-700.

In fact, I think I’ll add a couple more to this particular quest for now, as I think they’re worthy of mention (and this is fun!):

  • Happy Anniversary: Collect each of the anniversary issues of Amazing Spider-Man.
    • ASM #100
    • ASM #200
    • ASM #300
    • ASM #400
    • ASM #500
    • ASM #600
    • ASM #700
  • Questionable Allies: Collect the first appearances of Morbius, Punisher, and Black Cat.
    • ASM #101
    • ASM #129
    • ASM #194

And if you take a look at my collection thus far, you’ll see I’ve completed Happy Anniversary, but not Questionable Allies yet.  And it may be awhile before I do.  I think I may try to come up with some more achievements for collecting ASM, later.

Anyway, it’s been a long, and exhausting, but ultimately rewarding day at Comicpalooza.  I’m looking forward to more pictures and fun tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll have more to talk about soon.

Scarlet Spider CP 2016
Yep, that’s me at the GRB, ready for Comicpalooza to start.  Did you know that Scarlet Spider stole Cap’s shield from him once, too?  Why would I make this up?

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