Fandoms: Learn to Play In the Sandbox Together, or Get the Hell Out

Don’t expect to insult my fandom to promote yours and expect we’ll be friends for very long.

There.  I needed to say that, and get the venom out.

I like to think I’m a pretty accepting person, all things considered.  I prefer Marvel comics to DC comics for the most part, though I’m perfectly willing to acknowledge when certain DC stories get things right that Marvel either doesn’t or hasn’t in some time.  I like both Star Wars and Star Trek, and don’t understand why people have to choose one or the other.  I like Doctor Who at certain stretches, and am not so hot on it for others.  I love Firefly.

And there are plenty of other fandoms I like.  There are fandoms I’m not so hot on.  There are plenty of fandoms I just haven’t had the opportunity to explore, and may or may not discover in the future.  And I’m fine with all of those things.

You like My Little Pony?  Wonderful.  It’s not my cup of tea, but it works for you, and that’s what’s important.

But one thing I’m not okay with?  Don’t ever insult my fandom to try to make yours seem better.  I will knock you flat on your ass if you do so.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of material online that denigrates Marvel and simultaneously extols DC.  Tawdry, sensationalistic, clickbait-y headlines and memes that use the Us vs. Them premise to lure readers into their pointless and often terribly written content.  Typically, when I see dreck such as this, I generally just roll my eyes and keep going.  But lately I’ve seen enough of it, as well as re-postings of it from people I actually care about, that it’s starting to impinge on my overall enjoyment of my fandom.

This, friends, is not acceptable.

does-marvel-appreciate-their-fans-more-than-dcI’m not one to go around starting fights.  I prefer Marvel to DC, but again, I’m willing to give them credit when and where it’s due.  More importantly, I’m actually rooting for the DCEU to be as successful as the MCU, even though I think they are far behind in terms of execution at this point.  I want them to have a tentpole franchise they can be proud of.  I am not willing to lower myself into a mudslinging fight that we see so often, both online and in pop culture forums, where one side is yelling “MARVEL SUCKS!” and the other is yelling “DC SUCKS!” as loud as they can.  It’s pointless and puerile, and I want no part of it.

And I expect the same treatment from those around me.

You want to think Marvel sucks and DC buries it?  Go ahead.  Think it all you want.  But the moment you open your mouth and say something to that effect and insult my fandom, you and I are going to have problems.

It’s fine if you prefer DC to Marvel.  It works better for you, and Marvel works better for me.  There’s no reason to start insulting the other.  It’s a big, wide, wonderful world, and there’s plenty of room in the sandbox for everyone to play.  I don’t understand why people feel the need to tear others down in order to make themselves feel better, but one thing I can do is refuse to tolerate it.

So consider this a warning, dear reader.  You’re free to disagree with me all you want.  You don’t have to like what I like, so long as you express your disagreement respectfully.  I will never trash talk your fandom or franchise, and I think it’s not asking too much to expect the same from others.

The moment you put a foot out of line and spew bile all over a thing I hold dear, you can expect to be warned, once.  After that, if you continue, expect that I will censor the hell out of you.

It’s not about having a different opinion.  It’s about being able to disagree like adults.  If you don’t know how to do that, don’t expect me to hold your hand.

I’ll just show you the door.english-idioms-show-the-door-300x194

Oh, and one addendum: this cuts both ways.  Marvel fans insulting DC fans, for example, will also be shown the door.

Play nice, everyone, with everyone.


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