The Dark Allure of the Two-Sentence Horror Story

So, the month of October is finally upon us, and for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I was pondering the possibility of writing a two-sentence horror story for every day of the month, up to and including Halloween.  So, now that the month has started and I’m already a story behind, I’ll have to do two of them today.

As previous posts have indicated, I’m something of an enthusiast when it comes to the creepy, the macabre, and the spooky.  It started with scary stories as a kid, and continued with horror movies and some games, both of the video and the board varieties.  Today, the trend goes strong with more online, social media equivalents like creepypastas and certain Youtube channels that talk about them.

two-sentence-horror-stories-13Another one of those scary iterations is the two-sentence horror story.  The two-sentence story seems to be a relatively new phenomenon in general–there are other kinds, like comedy, romance, and two-sentence stories for kids.  They seem to mostly be an exercise in condensing a writer’s storytelling abilities into a brief, hopefully powerful and effective storytelling experience that leaves an impression with the reader.

Nowhere has this phenomenon flourished more than with two-sentence horror stories.

Seriously, it’s a form that’s completely dominated by the horror genre.  A Google search for “two sentence story” will contain links to at least 80% horror content, and while sites and pages for other types of two sentence stories do exist, there seems to be a particular allure that horror fans find in it.  It makes a certain amount of sense: the power of horror can be efficiently, effectively conveyed in a short form like the two-sentence story because our imaginations can so brilliantly fill in the blanks that are left after the story is finished.

There are pages galore that will contain lists and lists of the best, most effective, and bone-chilling two-sentence horror stories you can find on the web.  Their existence means two things for me as I embark on this month-long exercise in the macabre.  First, two-sentence horror stories are really popular, and will probably continue to be for some time.  Second, it’s going to be hard to tell a good, memorable, original two-sentence horror story that isn’t either very similar, or just hasn’t already been done by another creepy, imaginative writer.

two-sentence-horror-stories-19In any case, this is yet another of my writing goals for the rest of this year, since I was unable to accomplish one of them in a timely fashion (didn’t participate in 24-hour comic day over the weekend).  Hopefully, as I accomplish each of these little micro-goals in a day-in, day-out fashion, I’ll get better at doing them, as well as get better at getting into the habit of doing them.

Have a fun, spook-filled October, and enjoy these tasty little tidbits of horror and creep factors that I come up with.  They’ll each have their own posts, and perhaps at the end of the month I’ll compile them all into one long, October 2016-esque style post.  But for now, they’ll have to be enjoyed individually.

Happy reading!

Disclaimer: the two two-sentence stories pictured here in this post are not my own, and are from another list page. Hopefully my own future stories will be just as effective and unsettling.


One thought on “The Dark Allure of the Two-Sentence Horror Story

  1. My daughter is scared of thunderstorms, so when I felt a tug at the bed cover I told her to climb into bed with me. Something was wrong when I heard her a few minutes later come into the room and asked, “Mommy, why is my doll on your bed?”


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