Comics Review: C21st Gods #1

c21stgods1C21st Gods is your fairly standard, Lovecraftian cult-inspired dark mystery, starting with a police investigation of a murdered woman at an isolated homestead. The danger ratchets up fairly quickly, and a number of unexplained events come to the forefront, leaving both the reader and the main character wondering what is going on and what is to come.

The story itself, while it has a trope-y, color-by-numbers setup and some plot points that feel glossed over or minimized, flows ably into the action and mystery of the cult, the murdered woman, and the cover-up that appears be going on around all of it. Artwork sometimes fails to convey action in a straightforward manner, but does c21stincorporate a detached, almost unsympathetic view of the happenings going on and the people involved that feels appropriate to this genre. The depictions of the murder victims are unsettling, but almost too clean.

Overall, a good add to any existing horror collections. As this is a re-imagining of “The Call of Cthulhu,” it should appeal to anyone who reads the works of H.P. Lovecraft. I’ll be interested to read more of this title as more issues come out!


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